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Fit Comedians
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This community is not as shallow as it makes out.

Sometimes, being funny is as important as being facially pleasing.

This is a place to share your devotion to those funny chaps and chappesses that set your hear a-flutter with their comedy stylings. Of course it helps if they are not unfortunate in the face department, we do appreciate this. This is why we feel the need to set up a home for pics of these people, a haven if you will, where you can come and go as you please and bring a little light into other people's lives with spam that would otherwise clog your own journal and reduce your flist to bundles of terror and rage.

We have but few rules here, but we do ask that they are adhered to:

1. Every post must contain a picture. Gossip and heads up for gigs, tv filming and the like is most welcome, but please post a pic along with it. We don't care if it's one that's already been posted a squillion times; chances are it bears repeating.


3. No photmanips, if you please. We're an unlocked community, and as such anyone can view the posts made here. Manips are a touchy subject, and as msdaccxx puts it: we're a shiny picspam comm and we don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, be it comm members, random passers-by or, indeed, the subjects of the pics, should they ever find their way here. Please refrain, kids, ok? Manips involving David Walliams are double unwanted.

4. If the pic is large, or there are several of them, please use an lj cut. Lj cuts are your friends. The mods will not be if you do not use one. We will also not be your friend if you post pictures of David Walliams.

5. No trolling, no flaming. If you don't take a fancy to a comedian being discussed, don't flame the poster. Different strokes, and all that, yeah?

5a. However, people who post pictures of Mr Walliams must be HOUNDED until they cry and delete their journals, and we make it to fandom_wank.

6. We are as open to lady-shapes as we are to man-shapes. All are welcome, even/especially comedians from the past. We like those. And if they are fitties, well, that can't hurt, can it?

6a. When we say "all are welcome", this of course does NOT include Mr Walliams.

7. Any problems with any content of posts and/or comments, please contact one of your polite and friendly mods who will try and deal with the situation in a polite and friendly manner. Unless, of course, someone has posted pics of David Walliams in which case they deserve all you can throw at them.

8. For clarity, comedians are people who are funny on purpose. Mr Richard Madeley does NOT count, however funny he might actually be. It's more a case of laughing with them, not at them, you see? Ultimately, decision rests with the mods.


If you enjoyed fit_comedians, why not visit totheleft_, the Crackwhore to our Social Drinker?

And the filthybadwrong amongst you (i.e. all of you) can indulge your base desires over at comedian_slash, which is all about bumming. Think of them as the creepy relative we keep locked in an attic room. You laaaahve it, slaaaaaags.
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